Welcome friends!

It’s so easy to move from overjoyed to overwhelmed when preparing for the next phase of your family’s journey, even if you’ve done it before. As your Durham area birth & postpartum doula, I am here for you during pregnancy, birth, and beyond — ready to provide care that nurtures your connection and builds your confidence.

Navigate pregnancy and labor more easily with evidence-based information, skilled hands-on care, and responsive emotional support.

Smooth your recovery and adjustment to new rhythms with flexible care tailored to your changing needs, gentle guidance, and the listening ear of someone who “gets it.”

Enter your Fourth Trimester feeling prepared (as possible!) with a freezer full of nutritious food and a home set up for your healing, bonding, and newborn care needs.

Connect with trusted professionals and other parents throughout your birthing year. Reaching out early and often can make caring for your family and yourself a lot easier.

Warmly, Lauren


Kind Words

"She offers support in a very helpful but non-judgmental way.

Lauren is an incredibly sensitive and caring person who makes me feel so encouraged and strong as a mom. She totally understands that all births and children are different and unique, and she offers support in a very helpful but non-judgmental way. I highly recommend her!" - C.S.M.

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Partners + Doulas — A Solid Combination for Support

By Lauren Robinson

Dear partner, Your beloved is pregnant! I bet you’ve never been more in awe. Since you’re here exploring doula care, you may be wondering about how you and I will work together. Won’t it be redundant to have two support people? Will I take your place? As your doula, I cannot and will not take your…

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