Congratulations on your latest adventure — your pregnancy! Not much could be sweeter than growing and nurturing this new little person. You’re likely already busy preparing for labor and birth and the changes to your life that come with it. And since you’re here, you may be wondering if birth doula support is right for you.

Who can benefit from birth doula care?

You're in the right place if you are:

  • First time parents feeling unsure about labor, birth, or parenthood
  • Experienced parents looking for support transitioning to a larger family
  • A pregnant person whose partner may be away during their labor & birth
  • A partner who is uneasy about being THE continuous labor support
  • Wondering how to keep your pre-birth “to dos” from monopolizing your attention
  • Not enjoying your pregnancy and need someone who will listen and “get it”
  • Parents whose family and friends are not close by to help
  • Planning for physiologic birth at home, a birth center, or a hospital – first or VBAC
  • Preparing for an induction and/or medicated birth
  • Planning a scheduled cesarean birth

You probably see where I’m headed. Truly, one thing all expecting families have in common is the need for compassionate and knowledgeable support — a specially trained person whose role is to simply listen, offering guidance only when you need it. That person is your doula. Simply put, I provide informational, emotional, and physical support before, during, and after your birth. Questions around how I will work with your partner? Visit this Doulas & Partners blog post to learn more.

I am with you throughout the process, providing a calm, reassuring presence and creating space for you to labor in the way you need to labor and for your partner to be present in the way you both desire.

Why hire a doula?

Being seen, heard, & understood – being connected – makes all the difference in how we experience life, especially during significant transitions like welcoming a child. Sadly, many people walk through life, including their birthing year, feeling disconnected or isolated.

My intention is to help you find ways to connect to yourself, your partner, your baby, your care provider, and your community. My hope is that this self-awareness and network of support will enrich your journey and lead to your thriving. The documented effects? Evidence shows that continuous doula care during labor and birth improves both health outcomes and parent satisfaction. For example:

  • 31% decrease in the use of Pitocin
  • 28% decrease in the risk of birthing by cesarean
  • 12% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth
  • 34% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience

Kind Words

Lauren is an incredibly peaceful and caring person...

who has always been one to listen intently to the needs of others. These qualities combined with her unique perspective make her a wonderful candidate for providing your doula care. You will want to be heard and seen as you approach the birth and recover from it – Lauren will be able to do that for you. You will be in need of compassionate support – Lauren will be able to provide that for you. I have no doubt." - S.T.

How do I provide birth doula support?

Each doula-client relationship is certainly unique, but you can expect:

First, we’ll all meet at a local coffee shop to determine if we’re a good fit. (Video chats can also be arranged.) If you contract my services, I’ll become available during regular contact hours for phone, text, and email support, continuing through two weeks after your baby arrives. During our two in-home prenatal appointments, we’ll get to know one another and discern together your vision for birthing your baby. I’ll provide referrals, information, or strategies you need around understanding labor and some possibilities for a more comfortable birthing year. (This means, the earlier we begin working together, the more return you get on your investment!) At the second visit, we’ll review/practice for labor and prepare your home for your birthing day so you can be as relaxed and confident as possible during labor. You’ll also get to borrow a rebozo and receive a postpartum planning worksheet. (You may consider adding in-depth, baby prep support to your package.) At 37 weeks, I go on-call for you 24/7.

When your labor begins, I will be available to provide phone support until we determine that you are ready for me to join you. It is common for families to desire their doula’s presence a bit sooner than they need to call their care provider. Once I join you, I will provide you continuous support during your labor and birth through up to two hours postpartum. My role will be to work with your partner and care team to establish and maintain a peaceful and positive birthing environment, while also ensuring you have enough information to make informed decisions about your care. If you are coping well, I will be your quiet reassurance. When you need me close, I’ll be there until your baby is in your arms.

Once your baby is born, I will take a few pictures (if possible), help you settle in as a new family for your “golden hour” together, and provide initial breastfeeding support as desired. For the next two weeks, I am available for phone support during contact hours. I also would like to get together for a one hour visit to see how everyone is doing, to review the birth, and to provide any ideas or referrals you now need. If you desire further support for your transition to a larger family, postpartum doula care can be added to your package.


Birth Packages Begin at $1100
Payment plans and gift cards are available. Let your loved ones know you’d like this valuable shower gift for your family.

Know you want complete support during your birthing year?
Combined birth doula and postpartum doula packages begin at $1320.

Kind Words

"Lauren has the most gentle, patient & comforting demeanor.

I trusted her with questions throughout my pregnancy prior to her formal doula training. Now, after having given birth, I can confidently say that Lauren is absolutely someone I would have liked having with me. Her heart and spirit are truly meant for this work in which she serves, cares for, and comforts others during (arguably) the most meaningful moment one ever experiences... welcoming the miracle of a precious new life." - M.W.