Kind Words

"Lauren is kind, caring, and compassionate. She has a heart for families, especially throughout the birthing process and postpartum recovery as they move into their new role as parents. Lauren is very knowledgeable about different birthing techniques, and she will be a calm and loving presence during your delivery."


"As a doula, Lauren has taken the utmost care and concern while continuing to gain proficiency in the field. She possesses a uniquely sensitive understanding of others that is difficult to match. She is capable of discerning needs before they are expressed, and she is also willing to go the extra mile to ensure her clients' comfort and satisfaction. I am pleased to recommend her to anyone considering doula services."

J.B.; Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula, DTI Doula Educator, & Hypnobabies Educator

"Lauren is an incredibly sensitive and caring person who makes me feel so encouraged and strong as a mom. She totally understands that all births and children are different and unique, and she offers support in a very helpful but non-judgmental way. I highly recommend her!


"A natural ability to really hear and support others. Lauren has a beautiful, compassionate heart and is a devoted advocate. She has Lauren has spent many years seeking to understand how to best care for her and her own family's bodies and persons in holistic, natural ways that are also based in scientific evidence. She will absolutely be an amazing addition to anyone's learning and birthing team as both a professional and friend."

B.M., Registered Nurse

"It's easy to feel comfortable with Lauren! She is kind and professional, deeply motivated to support and empower women and their partners through the transition to parenthood."

M.S., Certified Birth Doula & Hypnobirthing Educator

"Fun to be around and calming at the same time, Lauren has always been, and continues to be, kind, compassionate, and supportive! Lauren has been an invaluable resource for my many questions and concerns with the birth of my daughter. She provided thoughtful insight and suggestions regarding all aspects of newborn and infant care, and she was also a wonderful support for me during the 4th trimester and beyond. She has many resources available to her and is quick to use everything available to her in order to provide the best support possible!"



"Lauren has the most gentle, patient & comforting demeanor. I trusted her with questions throughout my pregnancy prior to her formal doula training. Now, after having given birth, I can confidently say that Lauren is absolutely someone I would have liked having with me. Her heart and spirit are truly meant for this work in which she serves, cares for, and comforts others during (arguably) the most meaningful moment one ever experiences... welcoming the miracle of a precious new life."


"Lauren is an incredibly peaceful and caring person. She has always been one to listen intently to the needs of others. These qualities combined with her unique perspective make her a wonderful candidate for providing your doula care. You will want to be heard and seen as you approach the birth and recover from it – Lauren will be able to do that for you. You will be in need of compassionate support – Lauren will be able to provide that for you. I have no doubt."