Making room in your hearts, lives, and home for a little one takes a bit of work, exciting as it can be. And in the days after baby’s birthday, you may find you’d like some professional postpartum doula support even if you have loved ones around, or especially once they return to their regular routines.

Who can benefit from postpartum doula care?

You're in the right place if you are:

  • Expecting for the first time and feeling a bit unsure about parenthood
  • Experienced and looking for support transitioning to a larger family
  • A pregnant person who expects to be alone much of their fourth trimester or a couple whose family and friends are far away
  • Struggling and needing someone who will listen, “get it,” and help you find further support if you need it
  • Especially sleep deprived and/or overwhelmed with adjustment to your new normal
  • Recovering from unexpected medical interventions or complications

You probably see where I’m headed. Truly, one thing postpartum families have in common is the need for compassionate and knowledgeable support — a specially trained person whose role is to simply listen, offering guidance only when you need it. That person is your doula. Simply put, I provide informational, emotional, and physical support before and up to twelve weeks after your birth. Often called the Fourth Trimester, the first twelve weeks are a time of healing and adjustment for the entire family.

Doula support at this time can really smooth your transition and set you up to journey on with confidence.

Why hire a postpartum doula?

Even when everything during pregnancy, labor, and birth goes as anticipated, parents can easily find their world feels a bit topsy-turvy. Our modern, western culture’s expectations for parents around recovery, adjustment, and competing parenting philosophies only complicate things. As your postpartum doula, I will help you mindfully navigate your family's changing needs with respect – no-shame parenting is central to my care model. My intention is to help you find ways to stay connected throughout your recovery and early parenting journey, leading to your thriving as your family bonds and grows.

Kind Words

"Fun to be around and calming at the same time...

Lauren has always been, and continues to be, kind, compassionate, and supportive! Fun to be around and calming at the same time, Lauren has been an invaluable resource for my many questions and concerns with the birth of my daughter. She provided thoughtful insight and suggestions regarding all aspects of newborn and infant care, and she was also a wonderful support for me during the 4th trimester and beyond. She has many resources available to her and is quick to use everything available to her in order to provide the best support possible!" - E.F.

How do I provide postpartum doula support?

Each doula-client relationship is certainly unique, but you can expect:

First, we’ll all meet at a local coffee shop to determine if we’re a good fit. (Video chats can also be arranged.) If you contract my services, I’ll become available during regular contact hours for phone, text, and email support. During our appointment in your home, we’ll get to know one another and discuss your needs and preferences for this postpartum period, including briefly discuss your thoughts around any visitors, meal trains, and more. If you need an extra session to help prepare for your Fourth Trimester, check out my preparing for baby services.

If I am not your birth doula, you will make sure I know your sweet baby is here. I am still available for phone support during contact hours, and we will begin your shifts as previously agreed. (If I have availability, you can continue to add hours to your package until the end of your baby’s twelfth week.) Our first shift will include going over your birth story and getting to know your beautiful baby!

Each day, we will briefly discuss your last 24 hours and your present needs, making a plan for our time together. Common doula tasks include (but are not limited to) helping you meet your own needs, helping you spend time with your newborn or your older child, lactation/ feeding support, light housework, and providing reassurance and information related to concerns new parents commonly experience. Should you need care beyond my role, I will provide assistance with referrals to appropriate providers. My purpose is to leave behind parents who are feeling nurtured, peaceful, and confident – both able to enjoy this phase – and a baby who is feeding well and learning new sleep rhythms.


Postpartum Packages Begin at $480
Additional Hours: $30/day hour, $35/night hour
Payment plans and gift cards are available. Let your loved ones know you’d like this valuable shower gift for your family.

Know you want complete support during your birthing year?
Combined birth doula and postpartum doula packages begin at $1170.
For more about how I will work with your partner during pregnancy and labor, visit this blog post on Doulas & Partners.

Kind Words

"As a doula, Lauren has taken the utmost care and concern while continuing to gain proficiency in the field.

She possesses a uniquely sensitive understanding of others that is difficult to match. She is capable of discerning needs before they are expressed, and she is also willing to go the extra mile to ensure her clients’ comfort and satisfaction. I am pleased to recommend her to anyone considering doula services." - J.B., Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula, DTI Doula Educator, & Hypnobabies Educator