Partners + Doulas — A Solid Combination for Support

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Dear partner,

Your beloved is pregnant! I bet you’ve never been more in awe. Since you're here exploring doula care, you may be wondering about how you and I will work together. Won’t it be redundant to have two support people? Will I take your place?

As your doula, I cannot and will not take your place.

You bring all of your love for your partner (and baby!) into your labor and birth space. Further, your deep knowledge of your partner’s history and needs is invaluable on their birthing day. What helps them relax? What stresses them out? What makes them feel safe and supported? I bring compassion, intuition, and knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and babies to complement your role.

Whatever your desired level of involvement, we’ll brainstorm, review, and practice during our prenatal appointments until you are both feeling comfortable – understanding that both of your preferences and needs may change things up later. On the big day, I’ll be your "spare brain" by helping you apply what you’ve learned in childbirth class and our prenatal sessions, or by nudging you to ask questions if needed. We’ll follow your laboring partner’s lead and respond however is most supportive in the moment, our intuitions and knowledge working together.

It’s a bit of a dance, really. Realize you need a moment to refresh yourself? I’ll stay by their side. Ready to jump in? You’ll be free to let all else fall away, fully attending to your beloved – participating in the birth of your child in the way you desire.

Warmly, Lauren

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